When it comes to providing the proper protection for your products during transit, choosing the right supplier is among the most important decisions you’ll make. There is a lot of variance among pallet and crate suppliers, and not every company will be the right fit for your business. Who you choose will not only affect your reputation, but also your bottom line. The task of choosing the right manufacturer can seem a little overwhelming, but asking yourself a set of basic questions before hiring a custom or standard pallet and crate supplier can help to simplify the process.

5 Questions to Ask Your Pallet and Crate Supplier

1. “Does my product require a custom shipping solution?”

Every product is different. Depending on your item(s), using a custom pallet might be a vital step in the shipping process. For certain products, custom shipping will prevent product damage and save your business money. The size and the weight of the shipment can play a huge role in this decision.

Anderson Pallet and Crate provides custom shipping and packing solutions, but not all pallet suppliers do. If you are unsure if customization is necessary for your product, talk to a packaging expert to help you make a well-informed decision.

2. “What does your customer service program look like?”

If there are issues or questions that need to be answered, you want the supplier to be knowledgeable and easily accessible.

Although the super-sized manufacturers can be enticing for many reasons, they often lack the quality customer service that smaller businesses can provide. At Anderson Pallet and Crate, we make it easy to reach a knowledgeable and helpful customer service representative to answer your questions.

3. “What are your company values?”

Finding the right fit begins with an understanding of your own core values as a company. What are the values that are important to your business? Safety? Quality? Efficiency?

Once you have identified these, it’s much easier to find a pallet supplier that shares a similar school of thought. This is important because you will be working together as a team, and sharing the same vision will prevent future disagreements and create a more cohesive relationship. Your supplier’s work is a reflection of your business, and their finished product has an impact on your reputation.

When inquiring about core values, it might be important to know whether or not your supplier provides a safe working environment or practices ethical behavior? Do they have the same work ethic as your business and provide a similar quality of work? Do they perform frequent audits or risk assessment reports?

4. “What additional options do you provide for wood pallets and crates?”

Certain pallet suppliers provide special options for your wood pallets. At Anderson Pallet and Crate, we offer heat-treated pallets and heat-shrink wrapping services to help keep your freight in top shape.

Not all suppliers provide customized options, so compiling a list of important features you want available will be a key step when searching for the right pallet supplier.

5. “Are there other packaging options I haven’t thought of?”

Depending on how your products are going to be transported, the optimal design of your packaging may vary. Ask you supplier about the ideal pallet size for your freight, and if you should be using standard or custom pallets or crates. You can also ask if they’ve worked with other companies in your industry, and if they have recommendations for your specific needs.