Moving wine can be risky, and as a business owner, you want full confidence in the shipping containers you select. Wine is a delicate, perishable, and weather sensitive item, which makes it a challenging product to transport. Choosing the right shipping container options are imperative in order to prevent damage and deliver without issues.

One of the best ways to transport wine bottles is with wooden crating, which provides a strong, reliable, reusable, and customizable shipping option. At Anderson Pallet and Crate, we provide custom wooden crates made from only the highest quality materials.

Why Choose Wood Crating?


Customized Sizes

When it comes to shipping wine safely, size is important. At Anderson Pallet and Crate, you can customize your wooden crating. Customization is a great option for wine, because a snug fit is important for safe transportation. Shipping costs are based on both package dimension and total weight, so you want to choose a box that allows for proper packing without too much extra packing. This varies depending on how many wine bottles you are transporting in each box, and if the boxes are intended for reuse at their destination.



Wooden crates are a great choice for wineries and wine-movers because they can be recycled and reused, which makes them great for long-term use. Many wooden crates are even collapsible and can be easily stacked and returned to the sender.

Due to their reusable nature, wooden crates work great for ongoing storage. Instead of becoming waste, they can provide other purposes for wineries, distributors and retailers in the future.


Temperature Control

Wine needs to be shipped at the proper temperature, and often this is achieved by using a refrigerated truck, especially during the summer. Unlike other forms of transportation, such as cardboard, wooden crates are appropriate for shipping in a refrigerated truck.



Wooden crates are often used by many high-end wineries due to their durability. Having a reliable shipping option is essential for reducing breakage and spoilage, which can be costly. Also, damage to the wine bottles usually means the entire shipment must be returned to the sender. This can create a lengthy delay in the order. Wine is both a fragile and valuable item, and choosing a sturdy wooden crate is smart option if you want to reduce product damage.



Despite the fact that wooden crates provide sturdier and more reliable protection, they are often comparable in price with other shipping options. Wooden crates are also reusable, which can end up reducing your overall packaging costs. If you choose to use a recycled crate, this can be an even less-expensive option, too.

Contact our team to learn more about wood crating and pallets, and discover all their benefits for shipping and storage in the wine industry.