Wooden pallets move the word. They’re commonly referred to as the workhorse of the supply chain and produce the best skid pallets. Although they’re used famously in remodeling projects, what you may not know about them may surprise you. Let’s take a look at four lesser-known facts about wooden pallet manufacturing.

1. Generally, Trees Aren’t Cut Down to Produce Pallets

You’ll be surprised manufacturers don’t cut these trees to produce wooden pallets. While the best skid pallets derive from wood, they’re a by-product of the timber typically used to construct houses and furniture. According to the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, the U.S. typically harvests nearly 42% of biologically ready-to-harvest hardwood timber annually. This compares perfectly to using 42% of the dividends/interest you receive on your investments annually without touching your principal.

2. Serious Engineering Goes Into Pallet Creation

You must consider a lot to make the best skid pallets. Some essential factors include the type of wood, stringer placement, and deck board. Also, the fastener styles are equally important. The goal is to design the pallet with a specific load-carrying capacity for a particular job. This engineering is also essential to help minimize the environmental impact as well as manufacturing costs.

3. The Commonly Manufactured Is the 48×40 Four Way Pallet

The 48×40 Four Way Pallet size has been accepted by many. Typically, the pallet comes with deck boards measuring 40 inches with stringers of 48 inches. It’s commonly good for heavy loads. Also, it’s the best option for general-purpose systems with heavy loads. Moreover, the pallets can fit perfectly when not used, so they’re considered the best skid pallets.

4. Wood Pallets and Containers Are Best for Imports and Exports

Most businesses prefer using wood pallets to transport their goods. The wooden pallets maintain a high quality of the goods while keeping the costs low. Compared with plastic pallets that produce pollutant chemicals, wood makes ideal pallets with zero carbon footprint on imports and exports.

Wood pallets are ideal for business, though you don’t need to cut down trees to make them. You simply recycle old timber, which contributes to environmental conservation. While serious engineering goes into the manufacturing process to customize them, they have zero contaminants and zero negative impacts on goods in transit. Learn more about purchasing crates and pallets by contacting Anderson Pallet & Crate today!