Whether shipping locally or across the ocean, goods need good protection to prevent damage and product loss. While there are many modern materials that can act as shipping containers, time-proven wooden crating can provide the best possible protection against shipping damage. The following are some of the biggest advantages of using wooden crating for important shipping needs.


A wooden shipping crate does not have to be a standardized size or shape. It can adapt to the loads that need shipping. Therefore, loads with unusual shapes can benefit from wooden crating specially made to fit them. That can be especially beneficial for shippers of large industrial equipment and other products that do not fit inside typically shaped shipping containers.

Shipping Damages Occur in Many Ways

Shipping damage could occur at any point during which the goods are in transit or temporary storage while awaiting transit. The United States uses wooden pallets and containers to export about $400 billion in goods every year. That is because the wooden pallets stabilize loads and keep them from shifting and suffering damage. Wood also can absorb minor impacts that otherwise might damage the goods that are being shipped.

Easier Movement and Maximum Protection

Wooden crates are very easy to work with in warehouses, trucking centers, and shipping locations. The crates can keep products elevated several inches to allow for forklifts, pallet jacks, and other warehousing equipment to move them around. Easy movement makes it much easier to keep the goods safe from damage during transit. It also greatly reduces the time and labor it takes to effectively ship things across long or short distances.

Affordable and Recyclable

Wooden crating can be made from a variety of woods to protect goods. The containers are usually good for several trips and can be repaired when they suffer minor damage. Eventually, even wooden crates go bad and need retirement. When that time comes, the wood could be recycled rather than going straight to waste. Recycled wood can help produce various recycled products and reduce environmental impacts on forests and related issues.

With such versatility and affordability provided by wooden crating, they practically pay for themselves over time. This is why wooden crates are a valuable shipping tool. To learn more and to get wooden crates of your own, contact Anderson Pallet & Crate today.