When it comes to providing superior protection during storage and shipping, reusable wooden crates are an excellent option. At Anderson Pallet and Crate, we have a variety of custom options that provide premium protection for your important products.

4 Benefits of Reusable Wooden Crates


A wooden crate is a reliable and sturdy shipping option. Reusable wooden crates provide premium protection for your products and are ideal for carrying large, cumbersome items. Anderson Pallet and Crate provides customized crate options that can be suitable for any of your shipping needs.

The slatted sides of a crate can provide product visibility while also preventing product damage. Heat shrink wrapping is another service option at Anderson Pallet and Crate. This extra measure can be used in combination with the wooden crates, which protects your products from weather damage during transportation.


Cardboard and plastic boxes can cause contamination during disposal. Wooden crates, on the other hand, can be reused many times, and then become mulched after their use-cycle. Reusable wood crates are extremely sturdy and can be used over and over and for multiple purposes. When your wooden crates are no longer in use, they can also easily be knocked down and stacked, saving on storage space.


Choosing reusable wooden crates can save your business money by providing excellent protection at a reasonable price. Compared to conventional plywood boxes, wooden crates are much more cost-effective. Wooden crates are made from natural materials, and therefore processing costs are minimal. Having lower manufacturing costs makes reusable wooden crates a cheaper shipping option.


Wooden crates are completely customizable. Anderson Pallet and Crate can design a wooden crate that’s the perfect size for your needs. Customization can enhance protection, and also save you money because you are not paying for extra, unused space. From small boxes to freight containers, we can make the right sized crate to fit your budget and project.

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